Brass Blaster™ Polish: 24 Pack (4 fl oz each)


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Brass Blaster™ is a unique formulated polish that blasts water spots, smudges, tarnishes, and blemishes away. Once cleaned, Brass Blaster’s™ unique formula also leaves a protective coat to shield away from weathering and restores your instrument to its original brilliance! Purchase your Brass Blaster™ polish today with FREE SHIPPING!

Includes 24, 4 fl oz bottles.


Specifically designed for owners of instruments and metal fixtures, musicians, marching bands, and more, our concentrated formula is specially designed to clean, shine, and polish heavily tarnished and dirty brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel, and silver surfaces found on lacquer instruments and fixtures. Say goodbye to dull and dirty surfaces and hello to a brilliant shine that will make your instruments stand out. With Brass Blaster, your instruments will be seen before heard. Trust us to keep your lacquer instruments looking like new with our lacquer polish. Shop now and experience the difference!


“Absolutely pleased, thank you so much!”

– W. Johnson, Benedict College – Columbia, SC - Verified Buyer

“We’re absolutely pleased”

– Dr. Wells, Band Director at Bethune Cookman University - Verified Buyer

“We applied Brass Blaster on our worst looking instrument. Within minutes, I was convinced.”

– DJ Johnson, Viewer's Choice BOTB - Verified Buyer

“After witnessing a demo, I purchased immediately”

– Professor Snipes, Band Director at Miles College - Verified Buyer

“Brass Blaster passed every area of evaluation.”

– G. Drane, Band Director at Penn State University - Verified Buyer

“Easy to apply, reliable product.”

– J.Lennard, Band Director at Tuskegee University - Verified Buyer