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"Instruments are seen before heard."

Bring your greatest shine to the field with the best cleaning technology. Remove years of tarnish, mildew, stains and discoloration! Remember, Instruments are seen before heard.

Easy as Do-Re-Mi

Cleaning and polishing is easy as Brass Blaster™ cleans & polishes while you apply it. Simply apply a small amount to each section of the instrument. Melodically rub Brass Blaster™ around the instrument’s mechanics. Wipe the remaining product off with a microfiber cloth and you’re ready to shine! It’s that easy and quick!

1. Wipe On

2. Wipe Off

3. Smile at your reflection!

Shield and Protect

Once cleaned, Brass Blaster’s™ unique formula also leaves a protective coat to guard from tarnish and weathering; restoring your instrument to its original sparkling shine!


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– W. Johnson, Benedict College – Columbia, SC - Verified Buyer

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– DJ Johnson, Viewer's Choice BOTB - Verified Buyer

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