Clean, Shine, & Protect


Brass Blaster™ Polish

The Brass Blaster™ Polish

This powerful polish restores any Coated Brass, Silver or Chrome into a work of shining art. Brass Blaster™ is the unique formulated polish that blasts water spots, smudges, tarnish, and blemishes away. Once cleaned, Brass Blaster’s™ unique formula also leaves a protective coat to guard from tarnish and weathering; restoring your instrument to its original sparkling shine!

Harmoniously Formulated for


Instruments are Seen Before Heard!

Formulated to give you the best shine! You can feel confident that your instrument will retain a melodic shine.

silver horns
clean and polished Tuba. Benedict College Columbia, South Carolina

Easy as 123

Cleaning and polishing is easy as Brass Blaster™ cleans & polishes while you apply it. Simply apply a small amount to each section of the instrument. Melodically rub Brass Blaster™ around the instrument’s mechanics. Wipe the remaining product off with a microfiber cloth and you’re ready to shine! It’s that easy and quick!

1. Wipe On

2. Wipe Off

3. Smile at your reflection!


Before (Dirty Trumpet)


Trombone Before 2nd view BrassBlaster


AfterAfter (Clean Trumpet) with Brass Blaster™


Trumpet After 3

It’s all in the Detail

See Brass Blaster™ at work! We took an unwanted trombone and blasted the aged blemishes and tarnish away with Brass Blaster™ Polish!

After cleaning with Brass Blaster™ you will achieve a shine that will last approximately 1-3 months until your next cleaning! To reinvigorate your instrument, slightly damp a microfiber cloth with water and buff dry to refresh the shine!

Brass Blaster™ Polish

“Instruments are Seen Before Heard!”

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