Hobby to Business

Our Journey to You

My journey over the past 14 years was not a pleasure cruise! Throughout the
course of my college experiences, and working years, I have thoroughly enjoyed
watching and listening to college, high school, and middle school bands over the

I enjoyed watching the precision, listening to the sound, and observing the
creativity of their performance. Without realizing it, I was making a mental note
of the condition of the instruments.

silver horns

"Instruments Are Seen Before Heard!"

During those aforementioned years, I was introduced to the world of the formulation of polishes. As an amateur entrepreneur, it was my fortune to meet a man who manufactured his own car polish. Our relationship cultivated from business to friendship. He retired, and I had the opportunity of a lifetime to purchase the formula. I can vividly recall the day that I demonstrated my polish to a customer and he asked me to try it on his rims. Needless to say I was surprised and he was amazed at the results! This demonstration became my quest for success of the equivalence from Bb1 to a F2 shine.

The Rest is History

As years passed, I seriously began to understand this special product that I’ve
treated with skill and care. I began to visualize and finally believe that this product is mine to share. The final leg of this journey was meeting a brilliant chemist and founder of Emtech Laboratories, who specializes in unique formulas. As the saying goes, “The rest is history.”

Emtech Laboratories, inc.